Vampire Survivors was the shock Steam hit of 2022, and ever since its sudden launch for cell in December, extra gamers than ever are having fun with the Castlevania-inspired roguelite on their new telephones as top-of-the-line video games for Android. On its floor, Vampire Survivors is a straightforward recreation: kill the monsters earlier than they kill you, however simply beneath the floor is an internet of advanced mechanics that may make the distinction between being a mere survivor and being an overpowered, monster-slaying beast. Learn on, and we’ll show you how to obtain the latter with the most effective weapon evolutions out there.


one Thousand Edge

Vampire Survivors Thousand Edge evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up the Knife to stage 8 and equip the Bracer as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

The one factor extra enjoyable than a knife is infinite knives. Thousand Edge launches an infinite stream of knives in whichever route your character is dealing with. Every blade within the never-ending torrent offers 16.5 harm and passes by way of two enemies earlier than stopping.

How you can use Thousand Edge in a construct

As a result of Thousand Edge solely ever faces within the route you are dealing with, it is best to pair it with an area-denial weapon like King Bible/Unholy Vespers, Garlic/Soul Eater, or Mannajja. For Arcana, select both Slash or Iron Blue Will (attain stage 50 with Gennaro). Slash gives you a 30% probability to land a vital hit for 99 harm, and Iron Blue Will lets your knives ricochet off the enemies and the sting of the display. These two Arcanas additionally buff Ax/Demise Spiral, so it is a good complement to Thousand Edge.

2 La Borra

Vampire Survivors La Borra evolution bannerHow you can get it

Degree Santa Water to stage 8 and equip Attractorb as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

Very like Santa Water from which La Borra is developed, it falls from the highest of the display creating 5 pale blue zones that deal 40 harm to any enemy they contact each half second. These zones develop and transfer towards the participant over 5 seconds earlier than disappearing. There’s a four-second interval between every barrage.

How you can use La Borra in a construct

La Borra is an area-of-effect weapon with a random affected space, so it pairs properly with weapons you may management the directionality of (just like the Whip or the Knife) to cowl your weak spots. The very best Arcana to make use of with it’s Tragic Princess (attain stage 50 with Porta), which can allow you to use La Borra extra typically when you’re transferring. Couple this combo with a weapon just like the Shadow Pinion, which requires motion to fireplace. The speed of progress of La Borra and how briskly it strikes is a perform of your character’s motion velocity, so the Wings are passive merchandise to select up (in addition they evolve the Shadow Pinion into the Valkyrie Turner).

3 fuwalafuwaloo

Vampire Survivors Fuwalafuwaloo evolution banner
How you can get it

Degree Vento Sacro as much as stage 8 and equip Bloody Tear (developed from stage 8 Whip and Hole Coronary heart) as one in every of your different weapons.

What it does

Superficially, Fuwalafuwaloo is similar to Vento Sacro, making a flurry of eight slashes in entrance of the character inflicting 20 harm every. It additionally produces a circle of slashes all the best way round you, damaging something that will get too shut. There is a 5% probability to land a vital hit which offers double harm, heals 8 HP, and triggers explosive harm. Fuwalafuwaloo additionally grants a harm buff primarily based on steady motion.

How you can use Fuwalafuwaloo in a construct

As a result of Fuwalafuwaloo advantages from steady motion, it does not pair properly with Shadow Pinion which requires you to maneuver and cease to make use of. The possibility to attain a vital hit is impacted by Luck so choosing up a Clover is a good suggestion. Clover pairs with the Cross, a ranged weapon, which can show you how to get to the spots Fuwalafuwaloo cannot attain by itself. Use Slash (attain stage 50 with Lama) and Sarabande of Therapeutic (unlocked with the Arcana) within the Arcana. Slash will double the harm of your vital hits, not only for Fuwalafuwaloo, however for the developed Cross (Heaven Sword) as properly.

4 Unholy Vespers

Vampire Survivors Unholy Vespers evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up King Bible to stage 8 and equip Spellbinder as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

Unholy Vespers encircles your character in spinning books, every guide distributing 30 harm to enemies. It solely hits each 1.7 seconds, however with the potential to have as much as 20 books spinning round you, that is a most of 600 harm each 1.7 seconds. Unholy Vespers additionally provides a knockback impact, so it is more durable for mobs to push by way of your protect of books.

How you can use Unholy Vespers in a construct

As a result of Unholy Vespers is an area-of-effect weapon, it may be useful to pair it with a ranged weapon just like the Knife or Bone. It is also a good suggestion to extend its velocity with the Bracer, which simply so occurs to be the requirement for the Knife to evolve. For the Arcana, you may need to use Twilight Requiem (attain stage 50 with Dommario), which can trigger Unholy Vespers to generate explosions each time it cycles. Bone and Lightning Ring are additionally good further weapons as a result of they’re affected by Twilight Requiem as properly.

5 Demise Spiral

Vampire Survivors Death Spiral evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up the Ax to stage 8 and equip Candelabrador as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

In contrast to the Axe, which flies up a brief distance earlier than falling previous the underside of the display, Demise Spiral radiates out from the character in all instructions, passing by way of enemies and dealing 60 harm alongside the best way.

How you can use Demise Spiral in a construct

Demise Spiral has a excessive cooldown (the time it takes to launch one other barrage of scythes), so it helps to select up the Empty Tome (wanted to evolve the Magic Wand) as one in every of your passive gadgets. This can scale back your cooldown from 4 seconds to 2.4 seconds, making Demise Spiral far more efficient. Pair it with the Arcana Slash or Iron Blue Will. Slash provides each hit a 30% probability to inflict 240 harm, and Iron Blue Will permits the scythes to bounce off the sting of the display one time.

6 Thunder Loop

Vampire Survivors Thunder Loop evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up the Lightning Ring to stage 8 and equip the Duplicator as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

Very like the Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop calls down bolts of lightning on random enemies creating a dangerous space of ​​impact round unfortunate mobs. In contrast to the Lightning Ring, The Thunder Loop all the time calls down lightning in pairs, doubling harm.

How you can use Thunder Loop in a construct

Because of the Thunder Loop’s random nature, it is best to pair it with a weapon you may management extra, similar to Shadow Pinion/Valkyrie Turner or Knife/Thousand Edge. It has a pure synergy with King Bible/Unholy Vespers since each profit from the Twilight Requiem Aracana, which causes further explosion harm on high of regular harm. It additionally pairs properly with Santa Water/La Borra when used with Tragic Princess, which lowers the cooldown so long as you are transferring.

7 No Future

Vampire Survivors No Future evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up Runetracer to stage 8 and equip Armor as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

No Future fires a blue laser that bounces across the display, passing by way of enemies and inflicting 30 harm because it passes. Every time it bounces off the sting of the display, it causes a big explosion for further harm. Every time one thing damages you, count on extra explosion harm.

How you can use No Future in a construct

There’s actually no unsuitable means to make use of No Future because it advantages from almost each passive merchandise. A superb companion weapon is the Magic Wand/Holy Wand. Each can profit from the Jail of Crystal Arcana (attain stage 50 with Pasqualina), which supplies you a 25% probability to freeze enemies. King Bible/Unholy Vespers or Lightning Ring/Thunder Loop are additionally good decisions as a result of No Future advantages from their required evolution gadgets which enhance length and quantity, respectively.

8 Mannajja

Vampire Survivors Mannajja evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up Track of Mana to stage 8 and have Cranium O’Maniac as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

Mannajja is an area-of-effect weapon that’s all the time centered on the participant. It extends from the highest of the display to the underside and is over 300% wider than Track of Mana’s space of ​​impact. Though every hit solely inflicts 40 harm (not so much within the late recreation), it additionally completely slows down an enemy’s motion velocity by 5% for every hit.

How you can use Mannajja in a construct

A very powerful stats for Mannajja are its space, cooldown, and length. To maximise its effectiveness, you may need to decide up the Candelabrador, Empty Tome, and Spellbinder. Absolutely maxed out, this stuff gives you 50% extra space, hearth each 2.7 seconds, and persist for 3 seconds, which means you will not have to fret a couple of hole in your offense. Utilizing the Arcana Blood Astronomia (reaching stage 50 with Poe) will trigger Mannajja to generate mini planets that spin into enemies, damaging them.

9 Attractive Moon

Vampire Survivors Gorgeous Moon evolution bannerHow you can get it

Energy up the Pentagram to stage 8 and equip the Crown as one in every of your passive gadgets.

What it does

Attractive Moon operates in three phases. The primary kills the closest 20 enemies over a nine-second interval. Three seconds later, it kills each enemy on display (aside from a number of bosses), inflicting them to drop further expertise gems. Final, it pulls all expertise gems on the extent to your character. In contrast to the Pentagram from which it evolves, Attractive Moon can’t destroy on-screen gadgets.

How you can use Attractive Moon in a construct

As a result of Pentagram and Attractive Moon have a cooldown between 90 and 60 seconds, you are going to need to get one other weapon to maintain you secure when you’re ready for it to set off once more. Powering up the Empty Tome (which evolves the Magic Wand) to max-level will scale back that point by 40%. The one Arcana that immediately impacts Attractive Moon is Blood Astronomia which can place quite a few instant-kill zones on the display.

10 Infinite Hall

Vampire Survivors Infinite Corridor evolution bannerHow you can get it

Degree the Clock Lancet as much as stage 8 and equip each the Silver and Gold Rings at stage 9

What it does

Infinite Hall fires one beam per second throughout the display, freezing something it touches for six seconds. The beams hearth in 12 totally different instructions, rotating across the participant like a clock. Each 12 seconds (when the beam reaches the 12 o’clock place), it reduces the well being of each enemy on display by half.

How you can use Infinite Hall in a construct

That is the Demise killer. When Demise exhibits up on the 30-minute mark, it has over 650,000 HP, so killing it is not normally an possibility, however with Infinite Hall, it turns into a chance. The trick is to remain alive lengthy sufficient to cut back its well being to a manageable stage. To drag this off, you may have to be quick (Wings), you may have to have a number of Revives (the merchandise Tiragisú and Awake from the Arcana [reach level 50 with Krochi]), and you will want a weapon (your selection). If you wish to make it simpler, you may need to evolve the Crimson Shroud, which limits enemy harm to 10, making the entire encounter nearly trivial.

How you can evolve weapons in Vampire Survivors

For those who’re nonetheless new to Vampire Survivors, you could be questioning how to evolve your weapons previous their fundamental kinds. As soon as you have upgraded your weapon to its highest stage and have the proper companion merchandise on the required stage, the evolution shall be awarded to you within the subsequent Treasure Chest (some exceptions apply), changing the unique weapon in your stock.

Simply because we referred to as out these evolutions doesn’t suggest you have to be immune to making an attempt others. The great thing about Vampire Survivors is its replayability, and having the ability to experiment with totally different mixtures of characters, weapons, and ranges is the place a whole lot of the enjoyable lies. You are additionally going to wish one thing to maintain you busy when you anticipate the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC to land on cell.