Com2su Studio brings one other pet-companion collector, Summoners Conflict, to cell and PC. On this installment, you accumulate magical pets and companions paying homage to a Pokémon coach combating alongside their trusty Pokémon. However with most collection-based video games on Android, there is a deep gacha system to unfold. Summoner Wars: Chronicles isn’t any exception. Fortuitously, even for those who by no means performed a Summoners Conflict title, we have compiled a helpful information introducing the gameplay fundamentals, helpful settings for newbies, and important improve programs to prep you for all of the heavy motion in your favourite Android gaming cellphone.

Getting began in Summoners Conflict: Chronicles

You possibly can choose your class, customise your summoner’s look, and study the controls whereas enjoying by way of the tutorial; the beginning part ought to take at most quarter-hour to finish.

Create your summoner

You are defaulted to 3 selections on your summoner, all serving as a baseline on your main character mannequin within the recreation. You possibly can customise the looks barely, however it will not alter your chosen class. We suggest choosing the proper summoner primarily based in your class desire, which is summarized beneath. Bear in mind, your summoner fights alongside your monsters, so which will have an effect on your default alternative/playstyle.

  • Summoner of Guard: Wields his protect and mace to defend his allies by taking management of the frontline.

  • Summoner of Magic: Instructions magic along with her employees; she excels at offensive magic to take down her foes.

  • Summoner of Therapeutic: Makes use of a hammer in battle whereas empowering her allies with buffs and therapeutic magic.

Battling with summoners and monsters

Choose as much as three monsters on your battle crew; these monsters will combat alongside you. Navigating by way of talent and monster swapping cooldowns, equipping the correct elemental weapons, selecting the right monsters, and practising your dodges will go a good distance whereas enjoying Summoner Wars: Chronicles.

Faucet to solid abilities and swap between your monsters to make use of their distinctive abilities. Whereas on the sector, take note of the rectangle and features; that is the trajectory of the place the abilities will land and plan your dodges across the enemy’s projected assault.

Tapping on the dual swords icon by your abilities activates auto-battling, enabling your total crew to turn out to be AI-controlled. You possibly can flip this off by tapping on the icon (once more).

Soul linking is how one can entry your monster’s abilities. To vary out a soul-linked monster, faucet on the monster’s profile whereas on the sector; the opposite monsters stay AI-controlled and can deploy abilities independently. As soon as you have swapped a monster unit, you can not change once more till the cooldown timer is again up.

Casting a monster’s talent

As soon as the magic and cooldown can be found, you’ll be able to manually faucet on any monster’s talent to start casting. However, once more, do not forget that managing your talents and groups is a giant a part of fight success.

Exploring and auto-mode

After the tutorial, you’ll be able to allow autoplay as soon as you have gained management of your character. Primarily you’ll be able to have your character run from goal to goal with none guide enter; that is useful when attempting to finish a bunch of small quests earlier than transferring on to new chapters.

The best way to allow and disable autoplay

Tapping on the hunt will activate autoplay, and manually transferring your character will disable it.


You possibly can’t autoplay by way of dungeons in your first go to, so we advise ensuring you recognize the gist of the fight fundamentals and are comfy transferring your character across the map earlier than tackling these dungeons.

Benefits of auto-play

Turning on auto-play saves the participant from mindlessly grinding aspect missions involving fetch quests and monster exterminations. Each small break helps earlier than transferring on to the subsequent a part of the act and fulfilling these requests will grant you improve supplies with out appreciable effort.

Bear in mind first-time clears for dungeons power guide play. These dungeons are designed to maintain you in your toes; it requires interacting with switches, prioritizing targets, and studying the underlying recreation mechanics for encountered bosses and mobs.

Disadvantages of auto-play

Apart from the comfort of the characteristic for cell units by letting the AI do all of the work, late-game dungeons and raids is not going to profit a participant who depends on auto-play. As well as, groups with decrease than the really helpful PWR might want to play extra rigorously, or you’ll have to stage up your summoner and monsters to re-tackle the problem.

Turning off notifications in Summoners Conflict: Chronicles

Sadly, as you progress additional, your menus turn out to be congested with alerts. Fortunately there’s an possibility in-game to assist handle the alerts you obtain.

  • Faucet on the double two sq. icon to entry your principal menu.
  • Faucet on the gear to open up your choices.
  • Scroll all the way down to Alert and toggle on/off your in-game and app notifications.

Recruiting formidable monsters to your get together

Studying the trail of the summoner requires strict decision-making on which monsters you may choose to type your crew and which deserve the utmost funding throughout the early levels of your account. So we define how one can recruit monsters, what classification/sorts can be found, and how one can set your crew.

Including extra monsters to your crew

You summon monsters by visiting the Summon Altar. The Summon Altar is the gacha system. Faucet on a banner and use Mystical Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, and Unknown Scrolls for single pulls or 10-pulls. Scrolls are the dear gacha forex, so bear in mind you will not come throughout some ways to replenish these sources, which is why we suggest saving up and committing to a single banner.


You may also summon monsters by utilizing monster items. Nonetheless, buying items requires pulling on the opposite gacha banners or by different in-game means (rewards), and do not forget that these items are additionally improve supplies.

The variations in lessons and monster sorts

Like most top-notch RPGs on Android, your monster companions are labeled into sorts and have lessons. Beneath we define the categories and the way it performs into the rock-paper-scissors system.

  • Fireplace counters wind
  • Wind counters water
  • Water counters hearth
  • Gentle and darkness oppose one another

The attribute that wins beneficial properties a 20 p.c harm bonus and 10 p.c further crit price; countered attributes obtain a penalty of shedding 10 p.c harm, 10 p.c crit price, 15 p.c precision, and 25 p.c accuracy.

Monster lessons

Monsters have classifications reminiscent of Mage, Archer, or Murderer. The monsters’ abilities assist implement their roles; you may encounter monsters that possess supportive abilities (like Fairy) and others that choose controlling the frontline (like Yeti) with aggressive harm. Bear in mind to pair monsters to allow your Summoner’s main class; a healer might profit from having a frontliner to assist take in the aggro.

The best way to change your crew

Solely three monster slots can be found; you’ll be able to change monsters by visiting the primary menu.

  • Faucet on the double two sq..
  • Faucet on Monster.
  • Faucet on Composition. Choose any stuffed slot to take away the monster, after which faucet on any monster out of your checklist to fill that slot.
  • Exit the menu as soon as you have accomplished the modifications.

Is re-rolling doable in Summoners Conflict: Chronicles?

It’s doable to re-roll in Summoners Conflict: Chronicles, however it requires just a few steps to get there. We have outlined the steps beneath:

  • Launch the sport.
  • Register as a visitor account.
  • Create a personality.
  • Full tutorial missions and end 1-6.
  • Bear the summoning tutorial and accumulate all of your mail rewards.
  • Begin summoning.

The method takes round 20 minutes, so for those who’re able to sink time into re-rolling, go for it.

Upgrading your summoner and monsters

To take care of a formidable crew, you have to spend sources to stage up your abilities and monsters. We strongly suggest focusing in your summoner’s abilities. Your summoner is the spine of all crew compositions, whereas your monsters are replaceable throughout the early recreation.


To improve your summoner’s abilities, open the primary menu and faucet on Abilities > Improve Abilities. You may also improve your weapons and purchase new abilities to enhance your PWR (energy). PWR is sort of a talent score or fight rating: the upper the quantity, the stronger you’re.

Monsters may also have their abilities enhanced, much like your summoner. However we suggest sticking to solely leveling up your monsters till you have acquired higher-tier (4 and 5-star) monsters. You may finally evolve and awaken monsters to additional develop their PWR score. The PWR combines the rating between your summoner and the monster’s PWR.

Account stage versus participant and monster stage

Your account stage symbolizes your general development; the upper your account stage, the upper your most stage and the variety of Rahil Orders you’ll be able to fulfill (a factors system used to grind repeatable quests for EXP and supplies).


Elevating your account stage is the long-term objective, however the quick time period is elevating your character stage and monster ranges to extend PWR. The PWR is a tough estimate that your crew is powerful sufficient to beat the present content material. So specializing in leveling your crew whereas progressing by way of the story may even develop your account stage.

The best way to elevate PWR

Unlock expeditions, and full as many as you’ll be able to per day. Then, attempt to salvage your free tickets and play by way of the primary 50 runs. After that, take the collected runes and transcendence materials to construct up your summoner’s talent factors. You wish to save tickets for higher runes (gear) and give attention to farming the first materials with the free runs. Ultimately, you’ll work as much as increased stage runs, however doing the free stage 1 run builds that stash of improve materials.

Work by way of your Creature Ebook to gather e book rewards (offered you have unlocked that space). Then, choose Declare All to seize the whole lot directly.

The best way to improve runes

Runes are analogous to tools or gear on your monsters. You’ll purpose to equip units that enhance your monster’s stats. You possibly can purchase extra runes by way of the Path of Progress, however it requires you to finish Act I: Chapter 32 Assembly Place.

  • Open your principal menu.
  • Faucet on Rune and choose a monster.
  • Faucet on a rune set title below All Runes.
  • Faucet on a rune and faucet Equip.

Quick-tracking a newbie’s account in Summoner Wars: Chronicles

Except for strengthening your summoner and monsters, you may wish to accumulate all of the premium awards and supplies that’ll get you thru the sport’s early ranges.


Comply with the primary storyline; you have to full many chapters in Act I to unlock options. In any other case, you can be gated on methods to earn supplies, expertise factors and upgrades to your monsters.

Faucet Quest > Rahil Kingdom Story.

You possibly can auto components of the story or navigate to the chosen quest. You achieve rewards by finishing quests; rewards unlock as you full extra chapters (claimable within the Rahil Kingdom Story menu).

Path of Progress

Halfway into Act I, the Patch of Progress turns into obtainable to make use of. You’ll solely have so many entries to make use of for every completion try. Path of Coaching is the primary you may unlock to assist earn EXP potions and monster items, important improve supplies on your crew. The remainder of the mode turns into unlocked in direction of the tip of Act I and early into Act II. If bonus days can be found for that dungeon, attempt to give attention to bonus days to up the rewards.

Guard Journal

Your Guard Journal is the place you may unlock achievements, one-time dungeons, and monster tales. You obtain rewards by finishing any of your Guard Journal entries, however these rewards are one-time solely. So it is best to complete these as you go, particularly since monster tales turn out to be gated behind your account stage.

Subject Occasions

Scheduled-based occasions may have a mix of challenges which may be cooperation-based, teaming up with different gamers, or competition-based, leaving you to face different gamers. Examine “Scheduled” to find out and preview the occasions and rewards forward of time; be aware that entry to occasions turns into restricted primarily based on story development for that space. Finishing these occasions is non-compulsory and pointless on your early account progress, however they could function fun-side challenges when you’re questing.​​​​​​​

The best way to be part of raids

Raids open as you progress by way of story acts. Raids are separated into common raids and elite raids; common raids would be the principal focus for a newbie. You possibly can earn Raid Cash and change them for brand new weapons and trinkets within the Coin Store. Collaborating in raids will yield EXP and doubtlessly weapons, trinkets, and Breath of Life (wanted for monster evolutions and awakening.

To entry raids, faucet Get together Dungeon > Raid > Fast Be part of.

If you do not have a pre-made get together, you can be positioned in a queue and matched with different gamers to finish the raid. Defeating raid monsters a selected variety of instances can earn you rewards for occasions (like Wished: Boss Subjugation).

Space Exploration and milestone rewards

Your first cease for aspect quests; finishing these tales will add exploration progress in an space. Milestones supply rewards like EXP Potions, Scrolls, and Crystals, so maintain checking again after you have cleared just a few tales. We suggest turning on auto-play to clear these out with minimal effort.

To entry Space Exploration, faucet Quest > Space Exploration.

Take your time to take pleasure in what Summoners Conflict: Chronicles has to supply

Cellular video games ought to supply laid-back actions that can assist you decompress after a protracted day of labor and college. So extra of us choose to divvy up our time by dabbling in aspect video games that do not demand our full consideration. Auto-playing repeatable quests, collaborating in aspect occasion challenges, and getting misplaced in open-field exploration are all par for the course in Summoners Conflict: Chronicles, which takes up solely a bit of time as compared. In fact, there are exceptions to this rule as soon as you have dedicated to the end-game grind.

And for those who come searching for a aggressive MMORPG expertise, Summoners Conflict: Chronicles may not be the best alternative. Fortunately there are some glorious MMORPGs on Android you could load up on the aspect. Nonetheless, Summoners Conflict nonetheless gives a soothing expertise, so we suggest attempting this high-profile gacha by grabbing the obtain beneath.