Tinkerers like us at AP geek out on smartphone manufacturing facility excursions and teardown content material from the likes of iFixit and JerryRigEverything. Freak accidents are one other tough strategy to uncover what’s inside your pocketable glass sandwich. They occur extra incessantly than you’d assume, usually leaving the cellphone’s innards charred from the battery’s spontaneous combustion. Nonetheless, an individual just lately had their cellphone cleanly reduce in two by an industrial machine.


A Redditor just lately posted an image of their coworker’s cellphone after it was sliced ​​by an industrial paper cutter, additionally referred to as a guillotine. Within the severed cellphone, you’ll be able to see the layers of lithium and the foil insulator inside, together with the strong aluminum of the body, and a part of the primary board, too.

Most industrial paper cutters use electrical motors to maneuver a large blade up and down on command. They will exert a number of hundred kilos of drive — sufficient to slice by way of most objects, particularly as a result of the drive is not distributed over a big space when the blade is sharp. To keep away from dismemberment, operators normally use wood blocks to align the paper for reducing. Most industrial store flooring have a strict no-phones coverage to stop freak accidents and distracted operation of heavy gear.

Generally, although, a cellphone is the one flashlight within the neighborhood for diagnosing issues with an industrial paper cutter. That is precisely what occurred with this particular person, and their handheld received chopped clear as a result of they left it within the unsuitable place. Understandably, the store flooring supervisor was n’t too joyful both, however he was stunned by the machine’s efficacy, nonetheless. For the reason that harm is unsalvageable however the reduce is so clear, the redditor prompt encasing the cellphone in resin, maybe as a reminder for work security, or for its sheer inventive worth.

It’s uncommon to see telephones chopped so cleanly as a result of normally, a lithium-based battery combusts immediately when punctured. The redditor theorizes the blade was so swift, any electrolyte vapors which might’ve caught fireplace had been immediately depressurized, stopping an explosion.

As for the machine, the emergency shutoff was triggered, seemingly by the cellphone’s battery — however that was simple sufficient to reset, and the cutter was operational once more shortly. Nonetheless, it dulled the blade sufficient to make it miss the previous couple of sheets of paper to be reduce. However that is a straightforward repair as a result of industrial paper cutter blades are thick — designed to be resharpened nearly each week throughout their lengthy service life. Most retailers have a number of blades, and simply change them to go chop-chop once more.