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Thrilling, atmospheric and at cases touching: “Ship Us Mars” is a worthwhile journey to the purple planet. Even when the gradual narrative tempo and the occasional lengths positively don’t please everyone, the home journey with its fascinating characters and the clever combination of puzzles and climbing passages motivates you to take care of having fun with. With a having fun with time of eight to 10 hours, “Ship US Mars” is just the proper dimension for a title of this type. And even when the playful declare is typically a bit shallow, Kathy Johanson’s science fiction journey is always worth a (Mars) journey – and within the route of the highest even surprises with one or the alternative sudden story twist.


Thrilling, emotional story Atmospheric home scenario Atmospheric flashbacks Skillful integration with the predecessor “Ship Us The Moon” Troublesome puzzles Pretty passages in weightlessness

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Subtly repetitive gameplayOccasionally just about too slowTechnical weaknessesThe “Ship Us The Moon” launched in 2018 was an indie gem. The journey sport developed by KeokeN Interactive went by the use of some turbulence on the best way through which to completion, nevertheless then glad with prime quality and above all with the ambiance reminiscent of science fiction films like “Interstellar”.

In the course of the game you uncover the arks with protagonist Kathy Johanson and go looking for her missing father.

The sequel was as soon as extra created by the Dutch studio, nevertheless this time with the assistance of the well-known product sales companion Frontier Developments (recognized amongst others for “F1 Supervisor 22” and “Jurassic World Evolution 2”). “Ship Us Mars” follows on from the events of its predecessor, nevertheless models new accents and, above all, tells its story in a completely completely completely different method than many anticipated. Significantly followers of the first half should as a result of this truth ask themselves: Is a go to to the purple planet even worth it?

salvation for the earth

“Ship Us Mars” is about inside the yr 2069, nevertheless the game’s story could not be additional associated: On this not too distant future, the earth lies in ruins due to native climate change; the highest of humanity is imminent. Nevertheless there could also be hope inside the kind of three Ark ships that set out for Mars ten years prior to now and possess know-how which may save the blue planet. The World Space Firm as a result of this truth quickly put collectively a bunch to watch the alerts and uncover the ships.

With holograms linked to puzzles you decipher the story of Kathy’s father.

Astronaut Kathy Johanson is the precept character. She has her private motivation for this mission: Her father fled from the moon to Mars in a spaceship. The look for him drives Kathy on. Ensuing from this twist, “Ship Us Mars” shouldn’t be solely a rescue mission, nevertheless has an emotional substructure due to flashbacks to the protagonist’s earlier which could be interspersed repeatedly.

Atmospheric, nevertheless with technical weaknesses

In distinction to its predecessor, “Ship Us Mars” performs far a lot much less with the feeling of loneliness and confinement. Kathy, the crew and their points and needs are the primary focus. The builders use longer dialogue sequences repeatedly, however as well as inform the background with hologram messages which may be activated.

Kathy spends an enormous part of the game time on foot, solely in only a few passages do you moreover administration the Mars rover.

Whereas the German language mannequin scores properly proper right here, “Ship Us Mars” reveals weaknesses in terms of staging – as an illustration inside the presentation of faces and emotions. The within sections – as an illustration on board the shuttle – are faraway from being as detailed as in several titles. The game is visually steady, nevertheless not a shiny product à la “Cyberpunk 2077” or “Hogwarts Legacy”.

Acoustically, nevertheless, the title captures the mood very aptly with its calm soundtrack, applicable ambient noises and good audio system. Even when “Ship Us Mars” shouldn’t be basically the prettiest sport obtainable available on the market, it nonetheless has its private enchantment.

Climbing works based totally on the shoulder buttons, which you utilize to operate the left and correct climbing hooks.

Climbing, puzzling, fixing puzzles

The game wins this primarily by the use of its ambiance and the meaningfully embedded puzzles and duties. “Ship Us Mars” is not an movement sport and as a result of this truth does with out shootouts or completely different elements. As a substitute, the primary focus is on Kathy’s job as an space engineer. On board the first shuttle, as an illustration, you will enterprise out into zero gravity to utilize the laser welder to revive the ship. Logic puzzles appear somewhat extra ceaselessly, throughout which you might want to redirect vitality beams and place stations appropriately. To know some duties you moreover need Kathy’s drone, which you administration your self from the first-person perspective.

In addition to exploring the areas and thus experiencing the game world takes up an enormous part of the game time. “Ship Us Mars” moreover takes its time proper right here, which should put impatient of us to the check out. This moreover applies to the solidly carried out climbing passages. Using the proper and left shoulder buttons, Kathy shimmy alongside marked partitions piece by piece. In later passages you bounce in direction of partitions at full velocity and have to hold on to them. That requires good timing!

For the passages in weightlessness, the game switches to the first-person perspective. This makes orientation lots easier.

However, “Ship Us Mars” is not a really robust sport. Within the occasion you do crash collectively together with your astronaut, you will restart the game on the latest save stage, which is commonly fairly positioned. The having fun with time depends upon intently on how extensively you search the areas. On widespread, it’s best to need eight to 10 hours until the credit score roll. Considering the diminished worth and the playful depth of “Ship Us Mars”, it’s a completely satisfactory scope.

Launch: “Ship Us Mars” was launched on February 2, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Assortment X/S and Xbox One. The game has a USK launch from 12 years and costs spherical 30 euros.

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