The month-long eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull not solely introduced on huge air guests chaos over Europe in 2010, however moreover many curious slips of the tongue inside the info on radio and television. No shock, the title of the Icelandic volcano is totally not simple to say. The pronunciation database of the Martin Luther Faculty Halle must now help to abroad phrases and proper names pronounce appropriately.

Help with abroad phrases and proper names

Teachers, audio system or media spokespersons steadily maintain phrases which may be often not clear the precise solution to pronounce them appropriately. The Division of Speech Science and Phonetics on the Faculty of Halle now presents quick help with a freely accessible service on the Net. The German Pronunciation Info Database, DAD for temporary, presently accommodates over 130,000 key phrase entries, each of which includes a phonetic transcription mannequin, information on the number of syllables and the accent pattern. There one can discover out, as an illustration, that the precise pronunciation of accent is “Akseswar”. Speech scientist Susanne Voigt-Zimmermann, who coordinates the enterprise on the faculty and is now presenting it to most people, acknowledged that the database is to be continually expanded and supplemented with utterly completely different pronunciation variants.

The ARD has been working a pronunciation database since 1997. Nonetheless, that’s solely accessible to employees of most people broadcaster and some broadcasters.