Your house display screen double take is justified

Bought an Android machine with Materials You theming? Are your playlists a precedence? Maybe you observed one thing a bit of bit off with your private home display screen this previous week. You may not have been capable of pin it down at first, however if you happen to use YouTube Music in your listening pleasure, we will say it is a change that occurred.

An Android Police reader despatched us screenshots of the YouTube Music residence display screen icon earlier than and after the change — for the non-users on the market, the YouTube Music emblem is a circle with cut-outs for an inside ring and YouTube’s signature “play” button .


: Hamzah

On the left is the outdated design which contains a pretty small emblem with a small-radius, thick-stroked ring. The brand new design on the correct expands the emblem plate and shrinks the stroke measurement of the inside ring whereas holding its radius comparatively intact. The bigger measurement offers the icon a greater weight in comparison with many of the different icons you see finishing the row. Once more, a small change, nevertheless it’s there.

Keep in mind that with Materials You, it is all Google design, however with customized coloring. You’ll be able to be taught extra about what it truly is and what goes into its color-picking engine with prolonged protection from Android Police. Or, if you happen to’re not into this particular form of minimalist enterprise, we have got some icon packs to counsel.

Thanks: Hamzah